Deany's Review - Purina Tidy Cats

Purina Tidy Cats - Instant Action


(clumping litter for multiple cats)


  Helps Trap Odours From The Start

Litter Box                  I use this recycle box as a litter box.

I chosen this green recycle box due to the fact the store bought litter boxes aren't deep enough.  Deany loves to dig deep to the bottom and kicks out the litter all over the place. Like he's digging to China.

 I recommend a deep box like the one I use here  or get a moving tubs which are deeper.

No more kitty litter to vacuum or sweep up which can be a real pain daily.


Filled with Tidy Cats One jug 6.35kg.

Here I poured one Tidy Cats Instant Action Jug - 6.35kg.  But I see  I need another jug for this litter box.

It all depends on the size of your litter box how much Tidy Cats Clumping Litter you will need.

added another Tidy Cats jug 6.35kg (total of 2 jugs)

I added another Tidy Cat Jug here ( 6.35kg) Due to size of litter box but also Deany likes it deep so he can dig down to the bottom.

Here we are checking out the Tidy Cats Instant Action Kitty Litter.

End results: clumping within Seconds!!! Amazing Formula! 


Deany's  and Patchy love the scent (not overpowering that they won't use it).  It neutralizes the odours well. No More Stinky Kitty Litter in my household.  The clumping formula works instantly which is to my liking - I can remove the clumps right away.  Also, I found no dust from using this kitty litter which is wonderful, other brands you get dust in your face and in the air...what a mess. Last regards to container, love the jug as it easy to carry and handle when pouring the litter into litter box. 


I  would highly recommend Tidy Cats Instant Action clumping litter. I used many brands over the years and happy to announce I finally found a kitty litter that works for me and my cats.


Deany says,                                                                          "Paws up for Purina's Tidy Cats Instant Action Kitty Litter"!

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