One wintery day, must of been -23 below back in 2000, I heard a deep loud ongoing vocals. I figured some animal was in distress so I ran outside my building and there I found a black and white kitten crying his heart out. I picked him up and placed him under my coat. Well, it had to be someone's kitten, so I asked around but no one claimed him.  Then and there I decided to keep him. He must of been 4 months old, guessing his birth date was in September

Deany is a domestic black and white short hair cat. He is 15 and half years old. He is a senior with some health issues. He is however, still funny and outgoing kitty. He can be very demanding of mom's attention. He always gets his way. He also loves people, real social butterfly. Lately, he has been bugging me to have his own website where he can shout out the latest toys and other kitty stuff to the world! I gave in and here we are.


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